Top recommended alcohol-free red wines

As a wine fan, my heart belongs to wine and all its health and beauty properties; however, 2020 has given me a set of challenges related to my wine habits due to the alcohol content. My status as a new mom has led me to explore non-alcoholic beverages options and share my personal list of the top recommended alcohol-free red wines I find on my way. Heads up! It is not easy to find an alcohol-free red wine that is dry and tastes like actual wine, not grape juice.

The list below features only non-alcoholic red wines. Wines classified as low alcohol are not covered here. Additionally, I decided to focus only on tintos (red wines) since they are my true passion. The list of alcohol-free red wines will grow on the go based on the new bottles I taste and like, so make sure you follow me on Instagram to get updates on the new additions to the list. One last note: remember that the alcohol-free red wines below are personal recommendations based on my taste, so descriptions are based on my own experience and preferences. You are welcome to give an opinion in the comments below the blog post.

Alcohol-Free Tempranillo Win

Bodegas Matarromera

This wine is a total win! Kudos to Bodegas Matarromera for their creations and commitment to sustainability


Win from Bodegas Matarromera (@matarromera_) is an alcohol-free wine made of Tempranillo grapes. Made in the Valbuena de Duero region, this wine has a thing that melts my heart: it is aged 12 months in an oak barrel. Wow! this makes such a difference compared to other wines in the same alcohol-free category. Be prepared to be enchanted when you try it: a fruity berry aroma with a roasted oaky ending. It has fruits, liquorice, spice, tannins, balance, and a long ending (really!). There’s also the persistence of aroma on the nose while enjoying the wine, which helped me a lot to enjoy even more my alcohol-free wine experience.

“The earth as a source of inspiration” has worked its way at Matarromera to deliver a supreme experience to their wine fans. Additionally, kudos for their commitment to sustainability and R&D. Did you know that they use grape-extracted polyphenols in various fields such as beauty products, Nutri-cosmetics, and food? It seems wine makes you beautiful and sexy!

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Alternativa 0.0 Rosso Dry


‘Til the last drop to sign my joy with intense red colors

I introduce you to Alternative 0.0 Rosso Dry, or as the bottle says to the Princess directly from Italy. After opening the bottle, the alcohol-free wine displayed such a beautiful combination of intense reds that it immediately reminded me why red wine is my favourite colour. Additionally, the smell reminded me of an intense wild blackberry jam, while the dry flavour featured a mixture of ripe berries. As a bonus point, this wine is good for vegetarians and vegans since it is halal. The wine has been filtered so that there are no traces of alcohol in the bottle, earning the official Halal certification in this way. 

Final verdict from my side: aroma, colour and taste were good, but not perfect. The oaky, smoky ending that I love so much was totally missing. Despite this, the wine is worth recommending for those who are not fans of the oaky endings. 

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Sangre de Toro 0,0%

Bodegas Torres

Wine happiness with 0.0% alcohol thanks to Sangre de Toro

Being Spain my favourite wine country, Sangre de Toro 0.0% Alcohol (@sangredetoro) was my lucky find at the supermarket in Germany. I am quite picky with wine; however, this Syrah from Bodegas Torres (@familiatorreswines) definitely made it to the list to recommend and enjoy! Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, driving, or simply keeping up with teetotalism, this alcohol-free wine is great in the non-alcoholic wine category because of the complete wine experience that it offers.

The syrah grapes give the wine a quite fruity aroma; however, the part that amazed me the most was how well integrated are the tannins on the palate. Despite being alcohol-free, the wine has a specific seductive character, body, and exquisite dark berries flavour. Starting from its dark cherry colour and finishing with the pinch of spice and tannins at the end, this wine provides a taste of the Spanish wine experience. Tip: cool the wine before consuming it.

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I hope the suggestions above will make your alcohol-free life tastier with wine. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, driving, or simply keeping up with a zero-alcohol life, there is no excuse anymore to say yes to wine and friends! Cheers and happy life!

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