Top 10 Gadgets to Boost Home Office Productivity

With the current 2020 pandemic, our home has been transformed into our working space. No doubt, this has been challenging for many of us; however, the right set of tools can set us for success. Below I share with you the top 10 gadgets to boost home office productivity. 

Since “office professions” require us to spend more than 80% of the time in front of the desk, one of the best investments in our happiness, productivity, and comfort is to have the working area organized and optimized for work. In fact, a cluttered space provides too many distractions, which subconsciously make our brain work harder and hence drain energy that you could use more efficiently into getting things done. If you feel identified, apart from checking the list of gadgets below, you can start applying additional hacks to declutter your surroundings

Before we start with the list, the gadgets to boost home office productivity, listed below are my personal recommendations. You can always challenge the gadget specifications and find the most suitable version for you. All items are available in Amazon*

If you are an entrepreneur or have been working from home for years, feel free to contact me and share your hacks and must-haves at home.

1) Additional computer screen(s)

By reducing the time switching between screens or programs can help to finish a task much faster. Particularly for laptop users with small screens, an additional bigger screen can save time and preserve your eyes’ health.

Some suggestions: 

2) Cable organizers

Organization on your desk can make life easier. There is no need to chase more cables or try to guess which one belongs to which device. A cable organizer can help you keep all your USB devices and cable just in the right place. 

Some suggestions: 

3) Rocket book

Imagine owning a traditional pen and paper notebook but made for the digital era. The rocket book allows you to upload your notes to your favourite cloud service while you can erase and use the paper again. The notebook is infinitive reusable, thanks to the fibres covering its pages. A moistened cloth and the surface is ready to go. 

4) Laptop Stand

Working from home demands adaptability, flexibility, and practicality. A flexible multifunctional laptop stander can easily transform a small space near your couch into the comfiest office space. Additionally, it can alleviate or prevent neck issues by elevating the screen right at the correct height to your head.

Check some options below: 

5) Noise Cancelling Headphones

Working from home can be distracting and noisy, particularly if you have kids. To address this issue and gain a bit of extra focus, noise-cancelling headphones can be a perfect option. This type of headphones come in different sizes and levels of performance depending on the environment you are in.

Check some options below: 

6) Gel wrist

Probably you have one of those at the office but not at home. For simple that it sounds, a gel wrist can help prevent wrist fatigue since you can position it exactly in the spot you need it to make more comfortable the time at your laptop. Additionally, it can be easily removed when you feel it. 

Some suggestions below:

7) Portable hard drive

Having a portable hard drive makes it easier to share documents between your home computer and your office laptop. Additionally, it serves as a great tool to keep back-ups from the projects you work on so that many headaches are avoided in case of technical failures.

Check some options below: 

8) Portable Speakerphone

Among the gadgets for the home office, a speakerphone can make a big difference. You can increase the quality of your conference calls with a good speakerphone. Unless it is a quick call or a one to one conversation, using a headset or holding the phone for hours against the ears can be painful. A device for group conferences that is portable and upgrades the microphone and sound quality experiences worth investing in.

Below some options: 

9) Ergonomic Cushion

If your work involves long periods of time sitting and you do not feel like purchasing a proper office chair, it is best to have an ergonomic cushion and protect your back and general health. Two things to keep in mind for more comfort: the cushion should support you and mould to your body’s shape, and the cushion should also have a machine washable cover to keep your work environment clean.

Some recommendation here: 

10) Desk Lamp

It is indispensable to adjust the light to get a comfortable environment to work. Whether working late at night or fighting low daylight, a desk lamp that offers the possibility of having different brightness levels is a must-have to guarantee the health of your eyes.

Check some of the best options below:

Hopefully, these gadgets will help you build a great productive working environment at home. Finally, I take the chance to remind you all to keep a positive attitude and make the best out of this working from home experience. Stay safe, optimistic, and productive!

*I use often Amazon for online purchases. The links mentioned in this blog post include Amazon PartnerNet attributes which can contribute with commissions on possible sales via the recommendations here. 

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