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Positive mental programming: 3 steps to prepare yourself to succeed and be happy

positive mental programming

The areas of psychology and life coach teach very often that “the mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined experience.”  Positive mental programming has become a trend where individuals imagine themselves under specific conditions that then shape into reality thanks to treating the subconscious.  All the behaviors of people are learned hence when working to emphasize positive thinking and good behaviors, we contribute nurturing habits that help us become successful.

Success is one of the most desired outcomes by all humans. Whether it is a life project with big impact or small plans, we are programmed to succeed and be happy. As Mo Gawdat, former Google executive said a few months ago, “happiness is greater or equal to the events that occur in your life, minus the expectations you have of your own life”.

If we break down Gawdat’s happiness formula we find two components: one whose control is out of our hands, and another that depends solely on our attitude and ability to adapt to change. If the level of our expectations determines our happiness in the future, the most logical thing to do would be to establish low expectations to avoid disappointment. However, if we do so, we have the risk of mediocrity and wasting our potential due to the fear of not fulfilling our goals and ideals.

As long as we are kind and have the courage to pursue our dreams, the universe conspires to help us turn them into reality

Since my childhood I have heard ideas referring to the power of the mind, not only in the field of physical health but also in the area of fulfilling dreams. Since I was a little girl, my mom sold me the idea of “attracting success” and thinking positively. I remember the multiple times when she repeated to me that “as long as we are kind and have the courage to pursue our dreams, the universe conspires to help us turn them into reality”. After so many years of applying my mom’s advice, I discovered that the concept of positive programming is really powerful and encourages people to be happy in the daily lives and on the road to reach goals.

Based on my experience, mental positive programming does not require complex systems. From my personal experience, the following steps help you get it right: get to know yourself, visualize your dreams and be flexible on the road to achieving your goals.

Get to know yourself, your dreams and needs

Self-knowledge is essential when establishing life and happiness expectations. Knowing yourself and being self-conscious of your emotions, thoughts, and situations that trigger pleasant moments or discomfort helps greatly to establish goals that lead to a full happy life.

Many of us think about conventional dreams: have money, travel, get married, have a family. However, it is necessary to know deeper the real needs that you have as a person and the elements in life that lead you to peace and tranquility. Only in this way can we make decisions and propitiate situations that make us feel fulfilled and happy. In the same way, learn to identify the situations that generate anxiety in order to face them or, if you prefer, avoid them.

It is not smart to blame life for our defeats if we do not know for sure what our goal is or what our own concept of success includes.

Visualize your dreams and feel thankful that you reached them, even if this has not yet happened 

The topic of visualizing dreams evokes in me one of the most basic examples of positivism: the celebration of the new year. As an example, there are two ways to express your wishes in the new year: via a request approach or via a thankful approach. In general, most of the traditions for the end of the year focus on asking for 12 life wishes, trying to guess what the future holds for us in the new year, or carrying out mysterious practices to attract good luck in a specific area of our lives. In the case of my family, the new year was always focused on thanking life for work, travel, study and all the achieved dreams of the upcoming year.

By being sure that dreams will be fulfilled and by having the certainty that life will give us the opportunities to achieve our goals, is the simplest way to self-program yourself to succeed. When starting a new activity, success is determined by the effort, dedication, love, and positivism with which things are done. If you think you are a winner, then surely life will make you one. Especially in times of difficulty, believing that goals will be achieved in one way or another, makes the task of self-motivation more bearable.

As an extra bonus, to visualize ourselves as the person of our dreams helps us attract others who have achieved those goals or are on the way to achieving it. Mutual support and inspiration for success contribute to having a clear and positive mind. The rest is to plan the path to reach our goals and smile!

Plan different ways to achieve the same dream

Being flexible and having contingency plans to achieve a dream will help us to manage the two factors of the formula of happiness mentioned above. As we said before, the events that occur in our lives are largely uncontrollable, however, we have power over the way we adapt to the circumstances. Our expectations play a definitive role when evaluating our happiness. It is not about reducing the expectations, but rather being flexible with the way we reach goals. If plan A does not work anymore, make sure plan B is as good as the original one to reach your desired results.

One of the practices that have helped me keep a positive mind is to have contingency plans for events linked to my biggest dreams. Knowing that there are 2, 3 or more ways to fulfill a dream makes it much easier to cope with a defeat. Taking life with tranquility and responsibility is important. In difficult or unexpected moments, keep calm enough to preserve inner happiness, but be responsible enough to find an alternative way to achieve your goals.

The concept of being happy, fulfilling our dreams and being successful is completely related to the life and thoughts of each person. Regardless of the level of complexity and changes in life, the ideas planted in the human mind are powerful. Believe that you are a winner and you will reach all your goals; underestimate yourself and nobody will notice your potential. Trust yourself, trust the plan that life has for you, be kind, preserve your tenacity and remember to be humble; only then will you see how your thoughts transform into a sweet reality.

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