Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work, Family and Self-Care

Working mom

I grew up with an ambitious career mentality and a positive mindset to succeed and be happy. Witnessing my mom taking care of me while working inspired me and encouraged me. Today I try hard on balancing work, family, and self-care, which ultimately end up in a happy and cheerful life. It has been already … Read more

Benefits of good interpersonal relationships at work

team spirit

Our daily life is widely based on interaction with our co-workers, hence having good interpersonal relationships at work can mark a big difference in work happiness. Depending on the country and corporate culture, 5 of the 24 hours a day are limited in direct contact with our colleagues.  With such a high level of daily … Read more

Life project: definition, importance and steps to create one

notebook life project

During 20 of the 28 years of my life, I have heard mention the importance of a life project. Having clear goals and make wise decisions that lead to fulfilling those goals have always been my priority. Since my childhood, my mom always motivated me to dream big and focus on reaching my dreams. Later … Read more