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How to create a content marketing strategy for your business

The content strategy has proven to be quite effective to achieve business objectives related to the acquisition, retention, and loyalty of customers. On the following article, I share the steps

team spirit

Benefits of good interpersonal relationships at work

Our daily life is widely based on the interaction with our co-workers. Depending on the country and corporate culture, 5 of the 24 hours a day are limited to be

stress management

Stress management: How to cope with personal and professional stress

Nowadays, it becomes more difficult to be immune to stress. Whether caused by personal problems, professional pressure or unwanted events in life, it is vital to learn how to manage

notebook life project

Life project: definition, importance and steps to create one

During 20 of the 28 years of my life I have heard mentioning the importance of a life project. To have clear goals and make wise decisions that lead to

positive mental programming

Positive mental programming: 3 steps to prepare yourself to succeed and be happy

The areas of psychology and life coach teach very often that “the mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined experience.”  Positive mental programming has become


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