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achieve your dreams

14 things you need to do daily to achieve your dreams

In previous blog posts, we talked about the definition, importance, and steps to create a life project. In the following article, we are going to dig deeper into daily things

german flag

Expat life in Germany

It was a cold evening in April 2012 when I arrived at Tegel Airport. I have decided to move to Berlin, I have decided to start my expat life in

Top 10 Gadgets to Boost Home Office Productivity

With the current 2020 pandemic, our home has been transformed into our working space. No doubt this has been challenging for many of us, however, the right set of tools

non alcohol red wines

Top recommended alcohol-free red wines

As a wine fan, my heart belongs to wine and all its health and beauty properties; however, 2020 has given me a set of challenges related to my wine habits

White Wine Cocktail

10 mocktails and cocktails for every taste

I am a true wine lover who enjoys one glass of red wine a day. However, motherhood has come with side effects and one of them is the lack of

Ideas to exercise our brain during the free time at home

It is a fact that, as we age, our brain function declines; however, to exercise our brain can help us keep mentally active and sharp for very long. There are

How to chase your dreams

How to chase your dreams seems to be a question with a magical answer. Sometimes the center of everything is passion, perseverance, and discipline; however, when you start the journey

wine glass on table

Wine quotes to spice your life

Admit it! Whether you are a wine lover, enthusiast or geek, there must be at least one occasion in which you “google” wine quotes to get inspired, try to describe

Wine basics for beginners

Wine Basics for Beginners

Do you have one of those crazy wine lover friends who pushes you to drink wine and listen to endless wine conversation that you do not understand? Or you simply

Lampivaara Amethyst Mine: Unique Experience in Lapland

Lapland is not only about reindeers, snow and a visit to Santa Claus. Located on top of the Lampivaara hill, in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Pyhä-Luosto


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wine essentials: pump and stopper