Helping small companies and marketers reach their targets with digital marketing

TintoHub helps small companies and marketers take the best of digital marketing to grow their business and career. My mission is to encourage people to invest in learning digital marketing skills to generate revenue. Additionally, I share my experiencing navigating topics of time management, productivity and work-life balance to inspire others reach their goals. 

You can find here digital marketing and sales assistance, time management and productivity guides, tips to cultivate a positive mindset, and my personal experience and hobbies as a young working mom trying to find work-life balance. 

About Me

The heart behind TintoHub is me, Lucia, a revenue focused marketing strategist and business developer with 5 years of experience leading the marketing and sales departments of start-ups and small companies, and 4 years of experience as product marketing manager and sales specialist. I conceptualized, led, and managed campaigns with content, marketing and sales teams that resulted in 25% to 35% yearly revenue growth. I am an adept at optimizing analytics to serve business decisions and optimized conversion rates.

As part of my work experience, I consulted higher education institutions, central banks, research centres and think tanks in topics related to online recruitment, digital brand building and performance marketing campaigns.

Finally, I love to increase productivity and time management through the use of technology, as well as coaching young talents into the digital marketing world. 

Read, Learn and Get Inspired

I empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, and young marketing talents with a set of training programs, marketing services, guides, recommended tools, blogs and content online.

On TintoHub, you can:

  • Learn about digital marketing: check information about how to set up your digital marketing strategy, growth hacks for your digital business, sales boost via e-commerce, brand building, etc.
  • Get inspired to buid for own setup for productivity: time management is a topic that I have researched and implemented in my life for over 5 years. I share here tools and methods that have worked for me. 
  • Check the basics of a positive mindset: learn how to build habits that foster positive thinking, and a setup to achieve your dreams in harmony. 
  • Get assistance to develop a digital strategy for your idea or business, get advice on digital topics such as landing pages, email marketing, web testing. Check my tools and services here. 
  • Follow my journey of work-life balance between my family and my career while living abroad. Here I share my experience, learnings and hobbies such as art and wine. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at