About TintoHub

TintoHub is a website that gives you inspiration to explore the world and become a better global citizen, boost your entrepreneurship skills, and reach your personal and professional dreams

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Am I obsessed with red wine? Am I into the "hubs" boom? Let me tell you about TintoHub and about me!

In short, I am a wine lover seduced by coffee, who works every day to help people around the world fulfill their career dreams. I am passionate about digital marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, positive mindsets, traveling, history, and of course WINE! I believe that education, sustainability and gender equality could make a big difference in the world. 

All my big loves have started with wine, red wine!

Are you wondering why I call my blog TintoHub?

Spanish is an easy wonderful language, yet super confusing. As most of you may know already, "Tinto" is referred as red wine, but also in some countries like Colombia a tinto is also a cup of black coffee. Either red wine or coffee, the most profound and enjoyable conversations with people in my social and professional circle, have always been accompanied by a "Tinto", and this is what I want to provide: help, inspiration or simply an entertaining topic to discuss, learn and enjoy.

How TintoHub helps you: 

My work is one of my greatest joys! My day to day work allows me to help universities and institutions worldwide recruit the best students and professionals. Additionally my passion for entrepreneurship leads me to create TintoHub to help entrepreneurs with their digital marketing endevours, reflect my deep passion for wine, support projects that I believe in and share my lifestyle and ideals.

Having decided to transform my love for entrepreneurship, digital marketing and wine into a project, you can visit the website or contact me if: 

  • You want to learn about digital marketing or e-commerce
  • You need help developing a digital strategy for your idea or business
  • You support sustainability, education or gender equality and want to share your story
  • You want to get coached or inspired to reach your career goals or a better work-life balance. 
  • You want to learn the basis about wine 
  • You want to discover German and Spanish wines. 
  • You want to explore the Brandenburg vineyards and winemakers. 

TintoHub Mission

TintoHub is aimed to spice your life and help you take your projects further. This is a website that gives you inspiration to:

  • Boost your entrepreneurship skills: being an entrepreneur is tough, even more in the digital era. I want to provide you with useful information to build your business, take advantage of digital marketing to gain sales, as well as share stories and tips from people who successfully made it! Even if you don't plan to have your own business, a pinch of entrepreneurship mindset will work miracles at your work!
  • Explore the world and become a better global citizen: traveling is not only about sightseeing spots and pretty pictures. I want you to know about cultural differences, cultural diversity, traditional food, customs and history of the places you visit. We are all different, but each culture has something to teach us to become better people. 
  • Reach your personal and professional dreams: I believe that everybody can reach their dreams, you just need to be positive and perseverant. I want to share my lifestyle with you, from how I live my expat life and how to manage to balance my career with family and social life. 

TintoHub is not only about me! I also open this channel to all my network, so some of the content is developed with the wonderful people who are already part of my life, or who will be part of it 😉

Do you want to share your story with me? Drop me an email at info@tintohub.com 

Whether you want to prepare your next trip with valuable info about your destination, boost your business visibility, learn about entrepreneurship and digital marketing, boost your positive mindset or learn more about wine, I welcome you to my troop!

Enjoy the website, grab your "Tinto" and have a happy reading!