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TintoHub is all about business, marketing and wine. On this page, you can find wine knowledge made simple, digital marketing skills, sales tips, and business expertise accessible to all, regardless of the profession, area of studies, or previous knowledge.  This page aims to share my business expertise to reach your personal and professional dreams.

The heart behind TintoHub is me, Lucia, a businesswoman and wine fan passionate about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, positive mindsets & wine. With 8 years of experience in digital marketing for start-ups and a degree in International Business, I decided to share my business expertise and experience with everybody in an easy way to understand and master regardless of previous knowledge. I want the business, marketing, and wine knowledge to be accessible to everyone, and, ultimately, I want TintoHub to become a tool and source of inspiration to reach your personal and professional goals.

Business Skills

Digital marketing knowledge, sales tips and business expertise

Positive Mindset

Positive mindset to reach personal and professional dreams

Wine Knowledge

Tips and recommendations to enjoy wine to the full

TintoHub Mission Business and Wine
How TintoHub Helps You


TintoHub mission is to spread knowledge about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, sales, business, and wine to everyone interested in the topics. Empowering entrepreneurs, business people, and wine fans is not enough; my content is accessible from the start and aimed at everybody thirsty for knowledge, wants to reach personal and professional dreams, and practice a positive lifestyle.

In TintoHub, you can:

All you need is your wish to learn all of this, regardless of your background or expertise!

Digital marketing skills and wine knowledge
All my big loves have started with wine…

Everyone needs a hobby, and mine is wine. In Spanish,  “Tinto” is referred to as red wine, precisely the type of wine that I discover, taste, enjoy, collect and hunt.

The best ideas and social gatherings have happened thanks to a “Tinto”. So TintoHub identifies me as a red wine fan and point of reference to learn, grow, and spice your life with business knowledge and wine.

Have a “Tinto” and enjoy reading!

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