About TintoHub

TintoHub is a website devoted to optimism and the art of wine. This is a personal website that depicts all my inner thoughts about how to keep a positive mindset in life, as well as my journey to discover and learn more about wine.   

My mission is to encourage people to always choose happiness, find the bright side of every situation, and achieve their goals. 

I love enjoying a glass of good wine; after a busy day, it helps me recharge energies, reflect on the day and learn from my wins and fails. By sharing my wine picks and wine journey, I want more people to view wine as a piece of art, as an opportunity to explore other cultures, learn something new, and deep dive into self-knowledge and reflection. 

Promise yourself that you will talk health, happiness, and prosperity as often as possible.

Life is too short, always choose happiness

Life is a challenge and a beautiful journey; we are the owners of our time and potential. We cannot fully control what happens in our life, but we can full control over our ways of acting, whether in good or bad situations. 

It is easy to choose happiness when life goes on as planned, and it is very hard to keep motivated and find the silver line when everything crashes. Like everybody in this planet, I have gone through hard and successful moments in life, and I want all my readers to find some encouragement, words of congratulations, support or inspiration.  You can find here time management and productivity guides, tips to cultivate a positive mindset, and my personal experience as an expat working mom trying to find work-life balance. 

On TintoHub, you can:

  • Get inspired to build for own setup for productivity: time management is a topic that I have researched and implemented in my life for over 5 years. I share here tools and methods that have worked for me. 
  • Check the basics of a positive mindset: learn how to build habits that foster positive thinking, and a setup to achieve your dreams in harmony. 
  • Follow my journey of work-life balance between my family and my career while living abroad. Here I share my experience, learnings and some words of encouragement. 
Great wine requires a mad man to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover to drink it.

Wine is the only artwork you can drink

Wine is art, nobody can deny it. More than an adult beverage, wine hides a story inside the bottle. From the moment the grapes are growing until the moment the wine lands in your glass, there is hard work, love and dedication of generations. 

Wine can put in the picture information about a culture, you could even explore the world while discovering different wine regions. I am not a sommelier, but I love wine. You can find here my favourite affordable wine picks from the grocery or wine store, and some curious information about each bottle that I pick. I want to bring to life the stories behind wine in a simple way. 

On TintoHub, you can:

  • Learn some basic wine tips: whether you love or not wine, I present basic, easy to understand tips to make your wine experience more enjoyable.
  • Read curious and fun wine facts and wine stories:  learn the story behind a bottle of wine, or get entertained with some smart info to impress people in your next social gathering that involves wine. 
  • Check wine picks: I share here the bottles that I tasted and share my opinion about them. There are only 2 rules: affordability and accessibility. So I mostly focus on the wine at grocery or wine stores.
Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.

About the Author

The heart behind TintoHub is me, Lucia, a digital marketer, mom, go-getter, wine and travel addicted. I grew up in Colombia, but I have been moving around Europe since I was 20 to finally settle down in Germany. 

My journey has been tough, moving to a country very far from your family is not easy, but eventually it gets better, and the new country becomes your new home. I am very ambitious, and I love to plan my life so that I can achieve what I dream of. I am committed to my family and to my career, and I navigate the challenges of work-life balance every day. 

I share my journey here, the tricks I use to keep an optimistic attitude, manage my time, be productive, and plan my life to reach my goals. 

If you want to connect with me or have any questions, please feel free to reach out at info@tintohub.com or directly via DM