14 things you need to do daily to achieve your dreams

In previous blog posts, we talked about the definition, importance, and steps to create a life project. In the following article, we will dig deeper into daily things you can do to actually achieve your dreams and be closer to live the life you desire so much.

Taking the time to work on a life project deserves big kudos since this is directly reflected as an investment in your own long-term happiness. However, life does not happen by only planning it on paper; before you read the list of activities below, please keep in mind that beyond daily activities to achieve your dreams, you need to grow into a positive and determined attitude to do it and navigate through life. Not being more, let’s check those things you need to do daily to reach your goals: 

1. Capitalize on your strengths and accept your weaknesses

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses; we all are good and bad at things. However, people who advance with big steps in life are the ones who accept their weaknesses, and instead of trying to fix them desperately, they work on making stronger their strengths. 

Let’s check an example: if you are talented at writing but terrible at public speaking, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on being the best at writing than trying to improve your public speaking skills desperately? I am sure the time invested in writing skills will pay back faster and higher than your time trying to become a good orator.  

Of course, this is relative, and each of us can make our own choices. Weaknesses are worth improving when we recognize the scope of our efforts and do not die trying. 

2. Develop your own mantra and use it to motivate yourself

Everybody needs motivation; however, what you need to cultivate the most is self-motivation. Who will motivate you and keep you alive if not yourself? Find a key phrase, a quote from your favourite person, a quote from yourself, a sentence from a book, etc., that motivates you. In this way, when you feel that you are losing your energy, read it out loud and continue. 

For some people, a sentence does not work so well as having a board with photos that symbolize their dreams. If it works for you, have sentences or images that remind you to reach your goals. The idea is to find “a something” that keeps you alive by looking at it or reading it!

3. Practice gratitude

Not all days are perfect, but there is always something good every day. If you think like this, then practice gratitude for those wonderful things that happen during your day. If you have more struggle finding the silver line in the storm, then start changing your approach. It could be a great exercise to find 3 positive things that happened during your day and say thank you for them. It is not needed to say thank you to a specific person; a general thanks to life can work wonders. 

4. Practice the law of attraction for your dreams

Have you heard about the law of attraction? Basically, positive mental programming is a way to prepare yourself to succeed and be happy.  This works because individuals imagine themselves under specific conditions that then shape into reality thanks to treating the subconscious. You can work on visualizing yourself as the person of your dreams and convincing yourself that you can reach it; only then the universe conspires and put on your way opportunities to make things happen. 

One key secret I have practiced for years is to visualize my dreams and feel thankful that I reached them, even if this has not yet happened. If you want to read more about it, feel free to check this article.

express gratitude

5. Be perseverant with those activities that deserve it. The rest drop it

Do not give up easily on your goals, but give up easily on things that do not add to your dream life or help you achieve your dreams. Sounds complicated? To understand it a bit better, let us refer to point 1, emphasising our strengths and accepting our weaknesses. Here my invitation is to be perseverant with all those goals, activities, hobbies, tasks, and challenges that are linked to the path of your goals and listed in your life project. Do not push them aside before you master them. 

Now devote less time to less important activities and do not help you with your goals or are connected with your dreams. I am not saying to drop them completely; however, if you cannot spare extra time for them, there is no point in intensively trying to achieve it if it is not part of your big goals. A long as you are not damaging others, there is no point to commit to an empty task. 

6. Stay disciplined and use your time wisely

Regardless of being a morning or night person, the important part is to know yourself and your productivity levels during the day to play it to your benefit. Get the most difficult and time-consuming activities done during your peak productivity time and leave the easy/unimportant ones for the times when you will feel more tired or demotivated. Additionally, using your time wisely implies distributing the 24 hours of the day based on the return on happiness that the activities will give you. Do what makes you happy in the long term. Assuring your happiness for a long time is far better than giving in to short-time pleasures. 

7. Find a connection between your daily job and your dreams

You need to invest between 4 to 12 hours in our job daily. So surely it will be more enjoyable and worthwhile if you link it to our dreams. Make your profession a vehicle that helps you reach your goal so that you have already a big chunk of your day invested in learning the skills needed to be the person you dream of. 

If your work is not related to your dreams, I suggest you revise why and make a decision. You can surely find a strong reason why to work in something you are not passionate about; however, if this is not the case, it would be better to fix it and make an effort to connect those two worlds. 

8. Have a vision for each week and a goal for each day

Each week should entail a vision to achieve. This can be something tangible or something abstract but surely measurable for yourself. You can set up a vision of being more sociable, increasing your knowledge in a specific area, finding a new project to start, working on your employability skills, tracing a new chapter of your business plan, etc. The vision is something you want to reach that is aligned with your life project and big dreams. 

Establishing a goal for each day of your week should move you towards your vision and your goals. Since you already know where you want to be by the end of the week, it is easier to pick and plan your to-dos. If you want to finish XYZ projects, learn something new, contact x amount of people in your network, start a new project, etc., the daily activities need to be precise, realistic and measurable.  

9. Take at least one step per day to reach your goals

Your life project includes goals and decisions. The idea here is to pick your daily goals and weekly visions based on those goals and decisions. Each day is an opportunity to advance further in the path of your dreams, so make it count. 

One tiny remark: if your day was bad and you could not find the strength or motivation to work towards your life project, do not worry! Capitalize on your weak day and learn from it! It does not matter if you felt bad or laid in bed doing nothing; what is important is learning from it. Understand why this happened and trace ways to prevent it. Accept your feelings and their triggers, so it makes you stronger. 

10. Filter out your thoughts, meditate and save those that push you to achieve your dreams

Every single day you will hear and experience positive and negative things. It is up to you to filter and remember those external or internal thoughts based on how much they will contribute to reaching your goals. There is no point in remembering painful comments or internal doubts; they will hurt in the long run and cause you many tears. 

From my personal experience, I have learnt to empty my brain before going to bed. This means to revise how the day was and classify my reactions and feelings based on my dreams. In this way, during sleep, one gets the time to process better the bad experiences, assimilate them and learn from them, without keeping them in the subconscious, ready to fire and damage in the least awaited moment. 


11. Focus on the possibilities and not the limitations in your life

You cannot control everything in life. Plans change, external factors throw us into unexpected situations, and people come and go from our lives. What if, instead of focusing on the chaos, we focus on the opportunities? 

Every single time that a door closes, much more open for those who seek them. For example, during the 2020 pandemic, the traditional economy suffered, but the digital economy started to matter to many for whom this was irrelevant. 

12. Be “present” in all what you do

If we are talking about productivity, we need to emphasize mindfulness, understanding the fact of being present in what we do at the moment. 

If you choose to invest your time in one activity, then focus! If you are good at multitasking, then do not exceed your capacity. Things, activities, and especially people deserve your attention. You will save precious time by doing one thing the right way at the time and enjoying it fully! Plus, believe me! In the case of people, you will build much healthier relationships. 

13. Choose your friends wisely

Your friends will shape your future! Hence choose your circle of friends wisely because they will contribute to your success or drain you to failure. It sounds tough, but it is how our human psychology works. We are social beings, so we look for ways to blend in with our social groups. For example, think about the things you have adopted as yours from your partner/spouse; the same happens with friends, probably at a minor rate but still happens. 

I would suggest surrounding yourself with people you admire and have a lifestyle similar to what you want to achieve. Only then you can be sure to have friends who contribute to your goals. 

14. Dream big and do not allow anything to limit your ambition

Never put limits on your imagination or your ambition. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you feel it is too much of your life, think about all the inventions humans have developed. If inventors had limited dreams, we would have never had electricity, Disneyland, artificial intelligence and many more. 

It may not be easy to tick all the activities above daily. We are humans, and we all have our good and bad days. Regardless of what balance of good and bad days you get, you need to identify the real reasons for your downs, recognize them, and fix them to continue daily on the path to achieving your dreams.

Hopefully, this article is useful in your life. It is important to note that the 14 things mentioned above to achieve your dreams is based on my daily life experience. If you have more tips or activities you do every day, feel free to write them below or share your story with me at info@tintohub.com or directly on my Instagram. Cheers to life! 

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