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TintoHub is a website that gives you inspiration to boost your entrepreneurship skills, and reach your personal and professional dreams. This blog is about my entrepreneurship lifestyle, where I share my expertise in digital marketing, sales, business strategy, positive mindsets, expat life, work-life balance, time management, wine and wine destinations.

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Hola, Hola

Girl with Wine

Businesswoman & wine fan passionate for digital marketing, entrepreneurship, positive mindsets & wine. I share my life & expertise in tintohub.

I am positive thinking and gender equality advocate. Follow me if you want inspiration to reach your personal and professional goals. 

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White Wine Cocktail
Recommended Drinks

10 mocktails and cocktails for every taste

I am a true wine lover who enjoys one glass of red wine a day. However, motherhood has come with side effects and one of them is the lack of alcohol during months. Hence I decided to give some temporary use to my wine glasses and pour in them 10 mocktails and cocktails for every taste; in this way the