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Digital Marketing Strategy

Helping small companies and marketers reach their targets with digital marketing

Virtual assistance, tools, and resources in:

Digital Marketing

Virtual assistant and coach for strategic marketing and sales
Helping you increase revenue and conversions on web/social media


Time management and productivity guide
Helping you plan and achieve your projects and targets

Positive Mindset

Optimism, resilience and gratitude tips
Helping you focus on the good to improve your physical/mental health


My life as a working mom living abroad and a bit of my hobbies
Helping you maintain "sanity" and work-life balance

Grow your business and
gain marketing knowledge

  • Digital marketing strategy for your idea or business
  • Guidance to build your personal brand online
  • Tips for time management and productivity 
  • Get inspired to develop a positive mindset

Get to know me...

I am a revenue focused marketing strategist and business developer with 10 years of experience leading the marketing and sales of start-ups and small companies. I am an adept at optimizing analytics, conversion rates and team productivity. 

I live abroad in Germany since 2012. You can follow my work-life balance journey as a young mom and wife, working on a 9 to 5 job, and transforming my passion into a business. Check the personal section of my blog to see more about me and my hobbies like art and good red wine.